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about jPlanet. is the world's first Value Network which allows Value Exchange through JaxNet by providing an interface.

About Us is a Value Exchange Network which runs on top of JaxNet. We provide a user interface for JaxNet allowing for easy Value Exchange across the planet through JaxNet.

Vinod Manoharan

Ajax Prime


Immutable Ownership

Store and manage all your assets including real estate, shares in companies, art, etc.

Automated Contracts

Sign and manage automated contracts with guaranteed execution which can handle inheritance, royalty payments, etc.

Secure Identity

Excercise all your rights from your preferred device and be sure that no one can steal your ID.

Our Mission

We organize the Multiverse. We do this by building products that ease the use of JaxNet for end users. Our core features are :

  • Build your own Organization.
  • Raise funding and make payments using automated contracts.
  • Trade your assets securely and instantly.




Office No.5, 2nd floor, 33/34, Bohdan Khmelnytsky St, Kiev, Ukraine.
+380 68-838-8381

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